What Is Expected Of Aviation Pilots

Becoming an aviation pilot takes a lot of hard work, training, and dedication, but if you take the tie to ask anybody who works in such a career, they will most likely tell you that they cannot imagine themselves doing anything else. If you are interested in the prospect of becoming an aviation pilot, then you may be wondering what steps you will need to take in order to turn this dream into reality. Keep in mind that this is not a job that you will be able to train for overnight; instead, it may take years to Read the rest of this entry »

Top Ten Military Aviation Career Positions

Joining the military is a bit decision and one that needs to be done with patience. You should never use the military as a way to get away or to avoid your family. The military should be like a career for you and provide you with college grants and benefits that you wouldn’t get otherwise. There are many things that everyone needs to do before they go into the military to start their own aviation career. Doing these Read the rest of this entry »

Exploring Careers In Aviation: Military Style

Each military branch of the Department of Defense along with the U.S. Coast Guard utilizes a mixture of aircraft on a daily basis to accomplish their missions. These aircraft include helicopters, turbo-props and high-performance jets. Supporting these aircraft operations requires a variety of skills that are grouped into several military occupational specialties. In addition to rotary and fixed-wing pilots, the military services and Coast Guard require airframe, power plant, avionics and weapons systems technicians. Service personnel procure Read the rest of this entry »

The Amazing World Of Modern Day Aviation And Aircraft

In the amazing world of modern aviation and jobs relating to aviation, people have seen distinct changes. Jobs in aviation can be military or civilian. The military will train individuals to become pilots and rescue personnel. The military also teaches enlisted personnel to operate radios, be mechanics, gas handlers, and shooters.
Military uses aircraft that can rescue hurt and wounded soldiers. The pilots learn how to land in small areas, how to fly out of harm’s way, and how to report Read the rest of this entry »

Exploring Aviation Museums That Allow Children To Learn/Explore

One of the best things that parents can do to foster their child’s love of learning and exploration is to take them to museums. Of course, not all museums are created equal, and many museums have some inherent advantages for kids who are trying to explore. Many museums are designed with adults in mind, and up with walls full of text that kids find extremely boring.

This makes it extremely important to find museums that hnave activities that kids enjoy. The walls of text aren’t terrible, especially for Read the rest of this entry »

The Early History Of Aviation Design And Invention

The early history of aviation design and invention can be a fascinating subject of study. The earliest craft have little in common with today’s aircraft, many generations of new technology have made for a great deal of advancement in the century or so since powered flight was first accomplished. Early designs offer a window into the past, featuring a number of distinctive and iconic successes as well as a vast selection of failed craft and aborted design concepts. The range of styles, models and new designs that have been created Read the rest of this entry »

Aviation Development: How Do Airplanes Get Built

Aviation development takes a long time from the drawing board to reality. And because of this process I say, “Thank You!” You do not want the fastest aircraft ever built if they skipped quality control. Airplane construction is about quality building practices designed to help airplanes fly safe.

Let’s start at the beginning of this process with the design. Aeronautical engineers draw up plans for a new airplane going over an exact blueprint of how the plane should be Read the rest of this entry »

Aviation Design: Airplanes From Start To Finish

Kitty Hawk, home of the Wright brothers is now a place for the memorial of the first plane. Airplanes have come a long ways since then. The first airplane was built on the concept of soaring. Airplanes today are expected to carry thousands daily across the world. These planes are set up with comfortable reclining seating, rest rooms, baggage compartments, and flight attendants. In the earlier airplanes, there were only one or two seats. There was no tea and coffee service or the ability to go to the rest room if need arose.
Airplanes and flying airplanes Read the rest of this entry »

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